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Sit Stay Speak New Work by Sally Michener
Date & Time

Oct 09, 2019
Oct 26, 2019


4360 Gallant Ave
North Vancouver, BC V7G 1L2

Sit Stay Speak New Work by Sally Michener

Presented By: Seymour Art Gallery


The human figure has been a central subject throughout ceramicist Sally Michener’s career. Some of her collections focus on the entire figure or on particular body parts while others, in the absence of the figure, use columns and scale to make the viewer more aware of how their own bodies occupy space. Her most recent series, ten hand-built ceramic sculptures clad in mosaic of ceramic and glass, playfully explores a new subject: dogs. Dogs have been an important part of Michener’s life and her current companion Diego, a rescued Bichon Frise, largely inspired this series.
Michener creates installations wherein her work significantly alters the environment and visitors’ relationship to the space; in Sit . Stay . Speak, a large u-shaped table installation occupies the gallery, positioning the eye-line of the dogs on the same level as the viewers’.

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Arts Office North Vancouver City North Vancouver District