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When the Cat's away
Date & Time

Jun 12 2015 8:00PM
Jun 13 2015 8:00PM
Jun 17 2015 8:00PM
Jun 18 2015 8:00PM
Jun 19 2015 8:00PM
Jun 20 2015 8:00PM
Jun 24 2015 8:00PM
Jun 25 2015 8:00PM
Jun 26 2015 8:00PM
Jun 27 2015 8:00PM


4350 Gallant Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7G 1L2


$18/$16 (seniors/students)

When the Cat's away

Presented By: Deep Cove Stage Society


A comedy by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke
directed by Don Briard
produced by David Taylor

Two wives, taking a holiday from their husbands, return unexpectedly when their flight is cancelled due to a storm. Meanwhile, the husbands have a night on the town and return home with two young ladies who are soaked from the rain. Complications arise when they remove some of their clothes to dry off, unaware that the wives are also in the house. When the husbands realise the situation, there is much hilarious scrambling to keep them apart.

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Arts Office Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance