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Who is Metro Vancouver?

Metro Vancouver is a political body and corporate entity operating under provincial legislation as a ‘regional district’ and ‘greater boards’ that delivers regional services, planning, and leadership on behalf of 24 local authorities.

How is Metro Vancouver involved in culture?

Under our strategic priorities Metro Vancouver outlines Culture as one of the key priorities. It states:

“We commit to enhance the livability of the region by connecting arts and cultural organizations to the public across the region and promoting the economic benefits of a vibrant culture sector.”

How will the calendar help arts organizations?

The arts calendar is designed to help arts organizations connect to broader audiences and other cultural groups by providing a link for arts events throughout the region. Additionally the data gathered from this calendar with assist in assessing the needs and impact of arts at the regional level.

What other things is Metro Vancouver doing to help arts and culture?

Metro Vancouver has established a Regional Cultural Committee. Metro Vancouver has the Cultural Grants program.

Does Metro Vancouver have a funding program?

Metro Vancouver has a Cultural Grants program that supports unique organizations making a regional impact. The program is currently an annual operations grant that traditionally receives 20 applications per year but in 2010 received 48. Applicants are assessed by the staff and subject to approval by the Regional Culture Committee and the Metro Vancouver Board. Applications are generally due in the summer and assessed in the fall.

How will this be effective for promoting arts and culture?

The arts calendar will provide residents and visitors a cohesive picture of the arts events in the region and cross promote compatible arts events through a search with a goal to expanding people’s awareness and participation in the region’s rich cultural community.

How will Metro Vancouver promote this to the public?

Metro Vancouver will promote the initial launch using traditional media outlets as well as with links for municipal and tourist information pages in the region. Metro Vancouver will also utilize SEO tools, social media tools to promote the calendar on a continuous basis. If you are interested in meeting with the web content administrator please contact us at

What kinds of events can be posted?

Currently the calendar can support region wide arts events by registered organizations and individual artists that fall into our listed categories.

Where are the reviews?

The current iteration does not have reviews but the site Media page directs users to media sources for arts reviews and events that have reviews or members can post a link directly from their event posting.